Carta del presidente Alves

"I believe high-quality public education should be the norm and not the exception. At RISPE, we are committed to empowering teachers with the tools, skills, and support they need to elevate the standard of education in our communities."

A Personal Commitment to Educational Excellence

My name is Christine Wiltshire Alves, the President of RISPE. My own life was transformed by high-quality education. As the child of Trinidadian immigrants growing up in Queens, I was instilled with the belief that education is a significant determining factor in a young person’s life. My educational journey led me from a Catholic middle school to a private boarding school on scholarship, and finally to Brown University. This Catholic middle school was a gifted and talented school that required recommendation from a 5th grade teacher, extensive testing, and an interview process. It was because of the impact and support from my 5th grade teacher that allowed me to pursue that middle school education in Brooklyn. 

That journey instilled in me a deep commitment to improving public education. After teaching first grade for several years, I turned to the larger goal of improving public education for all students. I began designing RISPE over four years ago, and since our unanimous approval to operate as an institution of higher education in March 2019, we’ve been working tirelessly towards our goal of improving outcomes for students in urban public schools.

Now, we need your help. Our goal is to make high-quality education, the type often reserved for expensive private schools, accessible to all of Rhode Island’s urban school children. To do this, we need to recruit and support a diverse group of highly capable individuals into the teaching field. We need to prepare them for success in the classroom and support them in their professional growth.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of philanthropic gifts. Just as those gifts opened doors for me, your support can open doors for aspiring teachers and the students they’ll inspire. Any amount of support you can provide means the world to us. If you’re ready to take bold steps to strengthen public K-12 education and close the equity and achievement gaps, join us in our mission.

Christine Wiltshire Alves,

President, RISPE