Elevate Your
Teaching Journey

Dive deep into our courses, designed to bolster your skills and shape the future of education.

Anti-Racist Education

Embrace our fervent commitment to anti-racism, where we actively equip educators with tools and knowledge to foster inclusivity and equity in every classroom.

Celebrating Our
Alumni Legacy

Witness the enduring impact of RISPE’s teachings through the successes and contributions of our alumni, who continually inspire change and excellence in education.

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At RISPE, we’re dedicated to nurturing educators who are not just well-equipped with practical skills but are also passionate advocates for inclusivity and diversity in education.

As part of our vision to transform Rhode Island’s teacher pipeline, we’re proud to offer comprehensive, innovative programs designed to empower the next generation of teachers.

Certificate Programs

We offer two progressive certification programs – English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Elementary Accelerated Teacher Certification (Elementary ATC). 

Each program is carefully designed to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and real-world experience they need to thrive as educators.

Tuition Assistance

RISPE se compromete a hacer que nuestros programas sean accesibles. Descubra las diversas opciones de becas y ayudas financieras disponibles.

Matrícula y tarifas

En la Escuela de Educación Progresista de Rhode Island, entendemos que la decisión de continuar su educación es una inversión importante en su futuro. Es por eso que nos comprometemos a brindar información clara y detallada sobre los costos asociados con cada uno de nuestros programas únicos.

Costos de matrícula,

We believe in the power of a lifelone inclusive community.