Our Values Guide Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring about a fundamental change in Rhode Island’s urban public schools by cultivating a diverse teacher pipeline and instilling the use of anti-racist pedagogy. 

We believe that every student deserves an equitable education, and we’re working hard to ensure that our teachers are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to make this a reality.

Our Values

Equity and Diversity

We believe in fostering a diverse community of learners and educators. We are committed to equal opportunity and the promotion of educational environments that are inclusive, representative, and respectful. We strive to ensure that our teaching force reflects the diverse communities we serve and is equipped to support all students, irrespective of their socio-economic, racial, cultural, or linguistic backgrounds.

Quality Education for All

We firmly believe that every child deserves a high-quality education, and we commit ourselves to making this a reality. Our teacher preparation programs are designed to nurture highly competent, dedicated, and passionate educators who will work relentlessly to ensure the success of all their students.

Lifelong Learning

At RISPE, we foster a culture of ongoing learning and professional growth. We strive to instill a love for learning, not just in our students but also in our educators. We are committed to staying current with educational research, trends, and best practices, and we actively seek opportunities for our teachers to engage in continuous professional development.

Collaborative Partnership

We value collaboration and partnership, understanding that the collective efforts of educators, families, and communities are critical in shaping effective educational environments. We foster strong relationships with partner districts and organizations and work together to support the success of our students and educators.

Innovation and Adaptability

We champion innovation and adaptability, recognizing that effective education requires creative and flexible approaches. We strive to be a dynamic, responsive institution that is always ready to adapt to changing educational needs, technologies, and societal contexts.

Social Responsibility

We understand that as educators, we have a profound social responsibility. We aim to prepare our teachers not just to instruct, but also to inspire, to foster social consciousness in their students, and to prepare them to be active, empathetic, and responsible members of society.